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Client Securities — What You’re to Get as You Buy Our Help

Why should you get a writing service from us? What makes our agency stand out from a hundred other options online? It’s two things: how reliably we deliver on our promises and the reputation we built up around our platform.

As you buy college essays online from us, you receive certain guarantees. If you’re wondering what they are, here’s a handy list:

  • Academic specialists with relevant education
  • Assignments adhering to instructions
  • Capability to do any college task
  • Total security as you buy from us
  • Free 14-30-day revision period
  • Money refunding policies
  • Awesome freebies and frequent discounts

Our college essay paper writing has been providing learners with college assignments for over half a decade now. Throughout this time, we’ve only strengthened our winning benefits to ensure people who buy college assignments get real value. So, if you buy on our platform, you cope with your college load.

Frequently Asked Questions Section

Are you having any questions about our platform? Doubting whether to buy from us?

Don’t fret. We want to empower our clients considering getting a college essay through us with information. We want to give you as much information about the agency so that you’d make the most informed decision.

Below, you’ll find answers to the most common questions customers who buy college assignments have. Also, don’t be afraid of contacting us to find out something that interests you. We’re always here to answer your questions.

Are Your Essay Writing Services Legitimate?

Yes! We provide quality essays and have been doing it for quite some time. Hundreds of learners turn to us to buy our college task assistance and make use of our offerings.

Just buy college papers on our platform and see all it for yourself. We follow your instructions, make good on the promises, and are never late.

Is It Safe to Buy a College Essay Online?

Nowadays, there are many agencies to buy essays for college from. And we can’t say whether they’re safe. We only know we’re the company that cares about and ensures your security.

Other online ‘platforms’ for college essay papers are quite possible scammers that will take your money. So, you have to be extra careful when you buy online.

Will Turnitin Detect That I Bought a College Essay Online?

When you buy college essays to save your time on our platform, you’re making use of our guarantees. We promise that your college essay will be plagiarism-free. We always deliver on it.

Turnitin detects only the bought college tasks that are either in its database or plagiarized. What you buy on our platform is 100% original content.

When Should I Buy College Essay Writing?

When you feel the need to let someone write a high-quality essay instead of you is a good indicator. As a student, you may be swamped with the college load. It is when you need to buy assistance.

Additionally, when you need an essay written on a specific topic, you know nothing about is another suitable opportunity.

How Detailed the Instructions Should Be?

The experts on the platform follow instructions as closely as possible. So, you should always try to make the college essay instruction as detailed as possible.

There isn’t such a thing as too many instructions. Including as much information as possible ensures that the first version of your college task will be exactly what you want.

Can You Write My Essay for Cheap?

When you buy an essay for college at our agency, you can significantly lower the order price with discounts. How do you go about getting those?

Frequently and quite regularly, we conduct seasonal discount promotions for clients who buy from us. So, by using the platform once, you’re ensuring you’ll receive discounts to buy college assignments here.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy College Essay Writing?

How much is it to write an essay with the help of an agency? It solely depends on the platform. Some have low prices, and some have high.

We have a consistently lower average rate per page than the market one. We understand that many learners can’t afford to buy from college platforms. That’s why we have such low rates.

After I Buy, How Fast Will You Do My College Essay?

Again, no answer will satisfy everyone’s situation. It heavily relies on the assignment that you buy from.

The larger the essay, the more time it’ll take to get written by a professional. As you buy, we’ll immediately tell you how much time the essay writing process will take.

Meet The Team Doing Your College Essay

When we’ve covered lots of questions, let us introduce you to the people doing your essay tasks. At our agency, only the most qualified and knowledgeable people become writing experts. We have an extensive application process for those trying to join the platform. It ensures that you will always buy quality content from us.

Every candidate has to go through the following process:

  • Present their national ID card to ensure they’re a native speaker of English
  • Send us their diploma details and let us do a background check on them
  • Undergo language proficiency and professional knowledge testing

It’s a highly rigorous and demanding application process, but it helps to avoid unqualified candidates. When you buy college essay assistance, you may rest assured that your experts will be academic professionals.

Where Can I Buy College Essays Safely? — We’re Definitely Your Choice

If you choose to buy college essays from other agencies, we cannot guarantee safety. We can only guarantee it if you buy from our college essay platform. But what do we do to ensure your safety?

First and foremost, we have a working system for refunds, unlike many other companies. If you buy a college essay and something goes wrong, you will get your money back. Clients who bought the essay task most commonly end up even not needing to correct the final version.

We also protect you in other ways. They are as follows:


If you’ve received a high grade for your essay you’ve bought, nobody will know. Of course, unless you tell anyone yourself. We have strict regulations on the disclosure of customer information. When you buy a college essay from us, you can be confident that nobody will know it.

Safe Payment

You’re protected when you use our service and even when you buy assignments. We collaborate only with well-known, third-party payment companies to ensure the safety of your banking credentials.

Modern Web Protocol

Last but not least, our agency’s website employs a contemporary connection safety protocol. It safeguards your connection to our services. Meaning, the connection between you and us won’t be compromised. No one will be able to track it.

Creative Writing Services — We’ll Do Anything You Need

As you buy college papers, you might encounter a situation when your task isn’t in the order form explicitly. However, that doesn’t mean we’re not capable of doing it! It’s just that we can’t add all the possible college task variations to the order form.

In any case, if you can’t find your task, reach out directly to customer support. A representative will discuss the assignment details, find an appropriate expert, and help to buy it.

Here are some other interesting points on the task completion at our agency:

40+ Covered Higher Educational Subjects

For college assignment writing, we specifically increased our writer base to over 1,200 different experts. Such a big number of academic experts ensure that we have enough experts with various specializations to cover all major subjects.

Any Academic Level

The experts can do an essay on just any academic level you need. Moreover, they can complete Math problems, quizzes, presentations, and dissertations. All experts on the platform have a master’s or Ph.D., ensuring they can do any academic level assignment.

Total Adherence to Academic Standards

Of course, the experts are well-acquainted will all the formatting standards. They have extensive academic experience. So, when you buy a college essay, you can safely choose any formatting style you need.

Don’t Wait — Use Our Services!

Getting college essay papers will improve your life significantly. By delegating a college essay to a professional, you’re sure to get the following:

  • Top-notch writing
  • Impeccable English
  • Absence of plagiarism
  • All task instructions followed

Of course, if you buy an assignment, you’re also dealing with your academic load. Using our help will empower you with the most important asset ever — time. With free time in your hands, you’ll be able to do what you want instead of boring and repetitive tasks.

Let us help you by doing your college essays. Call us now and make use of all our amazing benefits!